Own a part of your dream car with CrowdDrive!

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own supercar? Then you are right!
With CrowdDrive you can buy shares of your dream car and make money with it.

Token Sale has started and will end 10. January 2018!
How to participate?

Not familiar with cryptocurreny? No problem buy your Tokens at the Pixel shop!

CrowdDrive Marketplace

At the CrowdDrive Marketplace you can buy and sell shares of your dream car.

We will rent, sell or lease the cars to our costumers and everytime we make profit with your car, you will get your share of the profit. With CrowdDrive you can own a part of a car an make money with it.


You want to change or sell your shares? No problem! You can sell your shares to another costumer at our marketplace.


Everytime we sell a car or we make a profit with it and you have a share of that car you will get a detailed report.

Read more about it in our Whitepaper.

Here you can see a selection of potential rental cars:

Connect with us


Tobias Schneider
Since I'm 16 years old, I am dealing with cars. I’m still a big fan of fast and sporty cars. It was and is a big dream, to own a sport car one day. Unfortunately, this dream hasn’t come true yet. I have rented different sport cars several times and it was a great experience that has influenced me. That’s why we came up with this project. I think there are a lot people in the world with the same dream and with this project we want to enable at least that you can own a part of your dream car and in the best case, it is even possible for some co-owner to buy the dream car by the profits you earn. Computers also delight me and I’m now dealing more than a year with the subject of block chain and crypto currencies. I think that is the future, and therefore our idea is based on this technology.

Adrian Wingeier
I was always fascinated about sport cars and of course I wanted to own one since I had my driving license. Unfortunately this dream has not been coming true yet. As a normal working person it is almost impossible to afford an expensive sport car. Everyone who is familiar with finance knows that you have to spend money for making money. But this is hard without any money to invest. And that is exactly how we came up with this interesting idea, which allows everyone to participate in his favorite sport car and still earn money through our clever business.


“Read our whitepaper for a better understanding why you should be part of CrowdDrive.”

Pre Token Sale

If you want to participate in our Pre Token Sale please send us a e-mail to presale@crowddrive.org with your dates!

CrowdDrive Pixel

At the CrowdDrive Pixel Shop you get free CAR Token with every purchase.

Token Sale

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Responsive image
1 pragma solidity ^0.4.8;
3  /**
4    * Math operations with safety checks
5    */
6  contract SafeMath {
7    function safeMul(uint a, uint b) internal returns (uint) {
8     uint c = a * b;
9     assert(a == 0 || c / a == b);
10    return c;
11   }
13   function safeDiv(uint a, uint b) internal returns (uint) {
14    assert(b > 0);
15    uint c = a / b;
16  }

Smart Contract

We want to be as transparent as possible. So we will publish the smart contract on Github. We use the Open Source project ICO Wizard to create our Smart Contract.

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